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Basictech Job Listing; Sales Reps

Basictech sales professional wanted nowThis job listing at Basictech is an outside sales reps position with a nationally advertised company.

Basictech Information Services is hiring sales professionals for a nationally advertised company in the Southwest and Midwest portions of the United States.

This is a REAL commission sales position with a 30+ year old company in an unsaturated market. They are a leader in their field, and only advertise via TV and Internet.

We are NOT promoting any MLM or Biz-Op; neither Basictech or the company it represents will ever ask you for a fee, or require the purchase of any product or service pertaining to this job opportunity.

We are seeking to hire professional closers with outside sales experience. No cold calling EVER!! The company provides 100% of the pre-qualified leads.

The company is looking for sales professionals that can close the deal. Good closers can easily make $3,000.00 per week without having to work all day and night.

No Cold Calling Sales

These are leads from people that have requested the products and services.

All leads have been screened and pre-qualified for financing in an unsaturated market.

The company sets all your appointments (2-4 per day/6 days per week), so there is no need for you to set any appointments.

All appointments are confirmed that all parties involved in the decision are present before you arrive. This eliminates dead runs.

Job Qualifications:

Must have outside sales experience, or experience in car sales, mortgages, lending, or anything that required you to close the deal.

We are looking for closers, the leads have already been pre-qualified, and remember, these are non-solicited leads. The customers have requested the product.

Education is not important; they are looking for closers, not scholars

Attention to detail is a must, and you must be dependable because there is no time to waste here. This company does not accept excuses.

Most important; you MUST be professional, and remember that professionalism starts with your mindset.

What the Job Offers:

  • Pre-Qualified leads in an unsaturated market
  • 50/50 profit share commission (Average $600-$700 per close)
  • No show, or dead run precaution measures
  • Training
  • Gas money to run your first 10 leads
  • Great support

Job Requirements:

  • Driver’s license
  • Social Security card for ID proof (no exceptions)
  • Proof of insurance
  • A decent dependable automobile
  • Smartphone
  • The ability to work full time (6 days for the next 2 to 3 months)
  • Must be able to start immediately

How to Apply for Basictech Job Listing:

It is easy to apply for this Basictech job listing sales rep wanted, just submit your resume for a phone interview.

Please make the subject “Sales Rep”, and give us a good time to call for your first interview.

Basictech is screening all resumes submitted to us. We will call you for the first interview within 24-48 hours of receiving your resume.

Do not wait, spots are limited, and time is running out. Send your resume to

Hiring Cities

Currently we are hiring new sales representatives in the following cities and their surrounding areas. You must live in or around one of the following cities (they are listed in alphabetical order).

1. Alexandria, LA.

2. Austin, TX.

3. Baton Rouge, LA.

4. Beaumont, TX.

5. Biloxi, MS.

6. Birmingham, AL.

7. Bowling Green, KY.

8. Cape Girardeau, MO.

9. Cedar Rapids, IA.

10. Champaign, IL.

11. Charleston, SC.

12. Charlotte, NC.

13. Cincinnati, OH.

14. Columbia, SC.

15. Columbus, MS.

16. Columbus, OH.

17. Dallas, TX.

18. Davenport, IA.

19. Dayton, OH.

20. Decatur, IL.

21. Des Moines, IA.

22. Dothan, AL.

23. Evansville, IN.

24. Florence, SC.

25. Fort Smith, AR.

26. Gainesville, FL.

27. Greensboro, NC.

28. Greenville, NC.

29. Greenville, SC.

30. Hattiesburg, MS.

31. Houston, TX.

32. Huntsville, AL.

33. Indianapolis, IN.

34. Jackson, MS.

35. Jackson, TN.

36. Johnson City, TN.

37. Joplin, MO.

38. Kansas City, KS.

39. Knoxville, TN.

40. Lafayette, LA.

41. Lake Charles, LA.

42. Laurel, MS.

43. Lexington, KY.

44. Lincoln, NE.

45. Louisville, KY.

46. Lynchburg, VA.

47. Memphis, TN.

48. Meridian, MS.

49. Mobile, AL.

50. Monroe, LA.

51. Montgomery, AL.

52. Myrtle Beach, SC.

53. Nashville, TN.

54. New Orleans, LA.

55. Norfolk, VA.

56. Ocala, FL.

57. Oklahoma City, OK.

58. Omaha, NE.

59. Orlando, FL.

60. Paducah, KY.

61. Panama City, FL.

62. Pensacola, FL.

63. Peoria, IL.

64. Richmond, VA.

65. Roanoke, VA.

66. San Antonio, TX.

67. Shreveport, LA.

68. Spartanburg, SC.

69. Springfield, IL.

70. Springfield, MO.

71. St. Louis, MO.

72. St. Petersburg, FL.

73. Tallahassee, FL.

74. Tampa, FL.

75. Texarkana, AR.

76. Topeka, KS.

77. Tulsa, OK.

78. Tupelo, MS.

79. Tyler, TX.

80. Waco, TX.

81. Waterloo, IA.

82. Wichita, KS.

83. Wilmington, NC.

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